Empowering Your Business with AI-Driven Solutions

Unlock the full potential of your customer service with our AI technology. Experience unparalleled efficiency, superior quality, and seamless integration for a smoother, more responsive customer interaction journey.

Switching to AI Assist, we dropped emails per ticket to 2.2, cut our refund rate to 2.7%, and got issue resolutions down to 4 hours, all while slicing our monthly costs to €7,600. Truly a cost and time saver for us.

Transform Your Customer Service with AI

Leverage AI to revolutionize your customer service, automating and personalizing interactions for unmatched efficiency and satisfaction. This transition not only streamlines operations but also fosters stronger customer loyalty, propelling your business ahead in the competitive market.


Utilizes GPT-4 API to communicate in any language, offering global reach without language barriers.


Ability to hand over complex inquiries to human agents, ensuring personalized customer service where needed.

Lightning Speed

Guarantees responses within 200 seconds, significantly faster than human capabilities, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Your AI Assistant Journey

Explore the transformative path from initial contact to full integration with AI Assist. This journey outlines the steps to seamlessly incorporate AI into your operations, enhancing efficiency and redefining customer service, ensuring a smooth transition and ongoing support for success.

Get in touch

Initiate your transformative journey by reaching out to us via our website. This first step is crucial in establishing a connection and setting the stage for a tailored AI integration process that aligns with your specific business needs and objectives.


During the consultation phase, we engage in a detailed discussion about your business requirements and how our AI solutions can address your challenges. This is a critical step to understand your expectations and how our technology can meet them, ensuring a successful partnership.


We take a personalized approach to tailor our AI solutions, ensuring they fit your business like a glove. This customization phase is dedicated to adapting our technology to seamlessly align with your operational workflows, business model, and customer service objectives.

Integration to your webshop

Our team works diligently to integrate our AI technology into your existing systems without any disruption. This step is focused on ensuring a smooth transition, enabling your business to leverage AI capabilities with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

Launching ur AI employee

The final step involves going live with our AI solution, followed by continuous support to ensure its success. This phase is all about monitoring performance, making necessary adjustments, and providing ongoing assistance to guarantee that the AI solution delivers on its promise and supports your business growth.


Explore our AI Assist with a 100% free evaluation of your customer service system.

Discover the potential savings and improvements AI Assist can bring to your business.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with our team to review your customer service operations and identify tailor-made AI solutions that can elevate your efficiency and reduce costs.

The most asked questions

Dive into our compiled FAQs to discover how AI Assist streamlines customer service, enhances efficiency, and seamlessly integrates with your business, paving the way for innovative solutions and unmatched support.

What happens if your software cannot answer a customer question?

If the software cannot find an answer in the database, a feedback loop is created. The unanswered question is added to a separate database for review. Each week, this list is updated with answers in consultation with the client, enhancing the knowledge base over 3 to 4 weeks until the AI can respond to all questions.

Why do I only pay 3 cents per answered customer question?

The €0.03 cost covers the software’s operational expenses. The software is built specifically for you with a one-time fee, after which it belongs to you and can be run on your servers without any additional costs to us.

Why should I choose your software over hiring a person?

Our software operates 24/7, possesses comprehensive knowledge, never falls ill, does not complain, and does not require a salary, making it a highly efficient and cost-effective solution.

What if I prefer to answer sensitive customer questions myself?

We understand and apply the same principle as the first question. We introduce a feedback loop to filter out certain topics into a separate list for you to address personally, allowing these to be forwarded to your email or WhatsApp. This ensures sensitive questions, like those about medical products, are handled directly by you, a feature included in the package.

How does the software ensure data privacy?

Our AI operates with strict compliance to data protection laws, ensuring all customer interactions and data handling meet privacy and security regulations.

Can the AI assist software be customized for specific industries?

Yes, our AI solution is highly adaptable and can be customized to meet the unique requirements and terminologies of various industries, from retail to healthcare.

What kind of support do you offer for AI Assist?

We provide comprehensive support, including initial setup, customization, ongoing maintenance, and updates to ensure the AI continues to meet your business needs efficiently.